"Zodiac is an absolute blast. A brilliant and original 'why-didn't-I-think-of-that?' premise, twisty plot, witty dialogue and characters you can really get behind. I'm struggling to think of a reader who wouldn't love it." - Sarah Lotz

A high concept and hugely original début thriller, for fans of The Shining Girls, Fatherland and True Detective.

In a society divided by Zodiac signs, status is cast at birth and binding for life. A few minutes can be the difference between a life of luxury or an existence of poverty and pain.

When the chief of police is brutally murdered and the only witness goes missing, the case is given to Detective Jerome Burton. He is expected to work with Lindi Childs, an astrological profiler who believes she can find the killer using star charts. Like most of the police, Burton is a conservative Taurus, and Childs is a liberal Aquarius. They’re incompatible, and Burton strongly doubts that the answers are in the sky.

But after a second murder, the pressure on them mounts and Burton and Childs find themselves in the public spotlight. Despite their differences they are united by the belief that they’re dealing with a vicious serial killer. As they unravel the dark thread of fear, prejudice and tragedy behind the murders, the city creeps closer to tearing itself apart. Police clash with protestors, the signs turn against each other, and all the while the killer walks the streets, executing a grand plan that hangs over them all.

The novel is being published by Michael Joseph in the UK, Pegasus Books in the USA, Blanvalet in Germany, Planeta in Spain, The House of Books in the Netherlands, Rizzoli in Italy, and Destek in Turkey.

Zodiac is out now in South Africa, the UK, the USA, Turkey, Germany and Spain.

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Scorch is a comic book series commissioned by the WRU, and published in Welsh and English. The series was originally created by Brent Dawes, and was illustrated by Kit Beukes.


 Photo by Irini Michopoulou

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Prestige Animals was the winner of Mobfest's 2008 Novel Idea cellphone fiction competition. 

The Kontax Series was commissioned by the Shuttleworth Foundation, and was the flagship series for the Yoza mobile fiction site. Since they were first released, the Kontax stories have been read over 40 000 times. 

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Book Dash is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to creating and distributing Creative Commons Licensed children's books to schools and libraries across South Africa. These stories were each created over an intensely creative 12-hour period.

The stories below are free to read, print and distribute.