91 to 100

Posted by sam wilson on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Game: In the Sims 6, your character can meditate, transcend and become aware of its true nature: A bored person playing the Sims 6.

Horror Metafiction: Vampire romances suck the life out of all new young adult novels. They turn every new book into a vampire romance.

Cooking: Unfold bag. Microwave on high for 3 mins. Open away from face or steam will scald eyes, making Transformers II even less enjoyable.

Post-CS Lewis: After years of adventure, he was pulled up out of his underwater kingdom. He coughed water. The bully said “Flush him again!”

Horror Movie Trailer: 140 IS THE NEW 666. This summer, Follow the warnings. Follow your instinct. Just don’t follow… DeathTweet.

Fable: “Democracy is three wolves and a sheep arguing what’s for dinner,” said the crocodile to three sheep.

Infant mystery: Missing woman. Dame disappears right in front of me. Then, she’s back. No explanation, just the cryptic word “peekaboo.”

Sci-Fi: A giant prehistoric butterfly stood on Dr. Mandel, who by chance had doctorates in time travel, literature, chaos theory, and irony.

Advert: It’s hard to ignore where our food, clothes, and goods really come from. Time to disconnect. Conservol™ chemical guilt suppressant.

Arthurian: He swung Excalibur at the knight’s neck. It bounced off. Always sharpen a sword after shoving it into a rock.


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