41 to 50

Posted by sam wilson on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love letter: You are the words “This Way Up” printed upside-down on the side of my life. I must turn it right, even if everything falls out.

Cyberpunk: “Call me 404,” says the man in the invisibility suit. “404 Not Found.” The general sighs. Tech always turns hard men into geeks.

Modern Fairy Tale: A Gnungl is a lesser imp, summoned by the sigil ” @ “. Althgh mstly hrmlss, it steals vwls frm yr sentencs.

Steampunk: The cylinder came through the pneumatic tubes. Hidden in a side compartment was a small wax recording disc. Blasted spyware!

Psychological Horror: She stroked her cat. A seam burst, and sawdust poured out. “I can’t let go of anything I love,” she said.

Philosophical:The bottom of the tyre couldn’t understand why the top curves upwards. Tyres need to curve down, to grip the road! No levity!

Romance: They stood outside the speed dating hall, scared to go in. “It never works for me,” he said. “Yeah,” she said. “Wanna get coffee?”

Sci-fi: Replicators could copy anything perfectly; gas, food, even other replicators. It was utopia. Then came copyright.

Western: “Looking for the man who killed ya paw? Dun’t think ya knew who ya paw was. Ya ma sure dun’t,” said the biggest mouth in the West.

Fantasy: He taps my head, and his memories flood me. And the memories of the one who tapped him, too. All the way back. Am I immortal?

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