311 to 320

Posted by sam wilson on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SCI FI: Max tried to impress the new girl in the lab with his Quantum Translocator. It malfunctioned, trapping him in The Friend Zone.

FAILED RESOLUTION: Stop with the lame puns, and write a serious story about dockworkers joining sheets of metal together. Riveting stuff.

FANTASY: "This wand can erase people from history. I've never used it, though, because I don't have enemies. At least, none I can remember."

MYSTERY: The axle on our carriage broke, and we were forced to spend the night at Clickbait Manor. What happened next will shock you.

EXPLOITATION: The creators of “Girls Gone Wild” didn’t reclaim their success with the follow up, “The Elderly Gone Feral”.

CRIME: The body was found, aged 87, surrounded by grand kids. Detective Duke winced. The Entropy Killer was back.

LITERARY: The writer sat at a bar looking for a metaphor. But the classy ones were taken, and the rest were only good for a one night tweet.

FABLE: “...Then, as mother warned, the wind changed and the young troll's attitude got stuck that way forever! And he got tazered by a cop."

EXTREMELY NERDY JOKE - “Three Boromirs do not simply walk into a bar.”

HORROR: In 1994 she was bitten by a Trekkie. Now, once a fortnight, she attends conventions as a WereWorf.

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