31 to 40

Posted by sam wilson on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Superhero Fantasy: Dr Z spat out a mouthful of coffee. It was luke warm. TOO luke warm. It had to be the work of his nemesis, Moderato.

Tragedy: They sat, hand in wrinkled hand, and watched the wide screen HDTV bought with their son’s life insurance. It seemed so blurry.

Prehistoric Fantasy: Ug held up the stick in wonder. The magic on the end glowed, flickered, spread to his beard, and hurt.

Comedy: Under pressure from the publishers to “sex things up a bit”, Leo Tolstoy adds a chase scene and shoot out to Anna Karenina.

Stream of Consciousness: The sun was a golden child. Olden child. Wrinkled hands. And old chill followed him home.

Legal fiction: The jury had been rigged. They all had ties to the Family. Every one of them a murderer. A jury of his peers.

Barbarian: “Not that way,” said Xanthia. “It’s blocked by Dark Priests.” A pile of them, actually, from when she had come in with an axe.

Clockpunk: A beast of copper and carved oak clawed out of the canal. The main spring on its back was as twisted as Da Vinci’s fury.

Tragedy: He landed the helicopter on the lawn. His daughter ran out to meet him. In joy, he held her over his head.

Fable: Narcissus lay on the broken glass, scared to move. He finally understood the difficulty of literally loving a mirror.


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