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Posted by sam wilson on Thursday, October 24, 2013

AUTOBIOGRAPHY: With deadlines looming and pressure mounting, @GenreStories decided that now would be a fantastic time to start up again.

URBAN VIKING: Sven Svenson had an axe to grind with Olaf the axe-grinder, who didn't grind Sven's axe when Sven axed him to.

HISTORICAL: The young president-to-be declared "I cannot tell a lie," which was the first of many.

SCI FI: The Internet collapsed. With no other outlet, gangs roamed the city, cornering strangers and assaulting them with opinions on Dr Who.

CLASSICS: Zeus fathered the Muses, source of all inspiration - Coffia, Deadlineus, Guiltia, and BrokenWiFia.

CLASSICS: Nation after nation submitted, until Thermopylae. The Empire Of The Mouse never recovered from the fiasco of Disneyland Sparta.

REBOOT: "Brutally murdered by the mob. Rebuilt as a machine to uphold the law. Part man. Part machine. All inspector. Gadget."

SLICE OF LIFE: "Sideways breasts, eight, a couple not sexually gratifying each other, ninty-six..." it was Doug's last day calling bingo.

AFFIRMATION: There is no "I" in "dyslexia".

FOLKTALE: By the 850th night, Scheherazade was padding things with dream sequences, on-again-off-again love plots and endless guest stars.

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