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Posted by sam wilson on Friday, March 15, 2013
COMIC: "Finally! I have learned HeroMan's greatest weakness, and shall defeat him! According to this job interview, it is: 'Perfectionism'."

FACT: 14% of the population of Victorian London were time travellers who were there either for the steampunk or the chauvinism.

FANTASY: "This ring brings love. But beware its fearsome curse! For thou shalt be bound to monthly dinners with the in-laws, forever."

HISTORICAL: The guillotine blade dropped and the crowd cheered, except for a guy at the back who DID kind of want cake.

FANTASY: Wishing wells are portals. Now and then, someone on the far side says "I wish a sucker would throw me money." They get THEIR wish.

HORROR: They took a shortcut through MySpace. Next day the browser was found, abandoned, on an acoustic folk band page. No bodies recovered.

MARKETPUNK: "I couldn't date anyone who doesn't own a Ferrari," she said. Mike sighed. The spamdroid was out of his league.

CULTURAL APPRECIATION: The kid tagged the lower righthand side of the building, accidentally turning the gallery into art.

URBAN FANTASY: 4am. The psychic hammered on the wall. His neighbour was playing a loud song on repeat in his head.
DRAMA: Their relationship lasted years, until one night, a bender released their hidden desires and tore them apart. The seven beer itch.

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