221 to 230

Posted by sam wilson on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Romance: The men at the party were all taken, except for the grinning guy in the Battlestar shirt. She sighed. Her worst-case Lothario.

Superhero: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a fish? Is it a house? Is it a shoe?" Captain Indescribable was getting really tired of his power.

Sci-Fi: The cops burst in. Nothing but broken lab equipment and dust. "Damn!" said the Lieutenant. They'd never win the War on Precognition.

Fable: From his new tower, the king surveyed the glittering empire below. "Foundations!" said the builder behind him, slapping his forehead.

Sequel: "Um... 3... 7... is that an H?... squiggle... K..." The replicant was sweating. The old ways are always the best, thought Deckard.

Life: "We need realistic people to face reality, and unrealistic people to make the alternatives," he said. The imaginary crowd cheered.

Memoir: "There are fewer years in a life than letters in a tweet," he mused, but only because his bank balance was a bit low that morning.

Inspirational: if you love somebody, let them go. If they don't return then that was really bad advice. I'm so sorry. Please stop crying.

Crime: "Wanna get high?" said the paraglider dealer. Brad was tempted. It had been a while. But he knew the product would be cut with tent.

Political: At the UN were 120 interpreters and Juan, who was translating speeches into the international language of love.


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