21 to 30

Posted by sam wilson on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Erotic Horror: Fingertips touched the nape of her neck, stroked her shoulder, and brushed down her body, envious of its completeness.

Fairytale: Mary didn’t chew her food enough, so maggots ate her head, or, in the modern version, she was told off and given ice-cream.

Science Fantasy: The only thing between the Mollusc Men and the pastures of Azuria was Trevor of Venus, and a shotgun loaded with salt.

Martial Arts Fantasy: The invading soldiers fell. The temple had no floors, just ropes, and fighting monks who firmly believed in balance.

Afterlife Fantasy: There were harps. And clouds. The ghost of Richard Dawkins looked around, confused on many levels.

Gothic: “Do you really love me? Be honest,” said the inquisitor.

Biopunk: LEGA-C (TM) looks lovable, but inside, it’s so much more! Its mirror neurons(TM) let it love, mimic, and eventually, replace you!

Postmodern: This is the start of a story that you’re reading about a story that you’re reading that is coming to an end.

Poetry: If I could, I would express / The words that you could decompress / To infinite expressiveness / In 140 characters, or less.

Adventure: Red Dan watched the commodore’s ship being loaded. 500 rum barrels, each big enough to hold a pirate. Big enough to hold revenge.

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