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Posted by sam wilson on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Legal: The music industry released a track about how copyright law stifles free speech. Protestors were then sued for infringing the lyrics.

Horror: "You'll sleep like babies," said the innkeeper. Which was true. They spent half the night screaming, and the other half throwing up.

Palindrome: These are easy, as long as you don't mind the second half going gniog flah dnoces eht dnim tnod uoy sa gnol sa ysae era eseht.

Slice Of Life: In the interview he claimed he was a workaholic, but arrived drunk on the first day. He had his own definition of "Workahol".

Music History: The punks were bored. They needed a new genre that would REALLY get up people's noses. And call-centre music was born.

Scripture: "G-O-L-D!!!!" "FRANKINCENSE - Cheap!" "Myrrh - For Men. FREE SAMPLEZ!" Mary was getting suspicious about her son's new followers.

Adventure: That awkward moment when you discover that the light at the end of the tunnel you were so relieved about is lava.

Erotic: "Who's your equal?" he growled respectfully.

Action: "Extreme sports always have two extremes," said the winner of the shortest triathlon, lowest bungee and least flips on a skateboard.

Occult: He marked the back of the carriage with a rune: A red "L". A curse to summon lamp-posts and pedestrians out of nowhere.

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