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Posted by sam wilson on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Modern Fairytale: the Wicked Witch gave Snow White an apple, and cackled as the helpless princess drove up a massive debt on the app store.

Epic: The Thousand-Year War between the Thirty Tribes and the Dragoneers of Crya was brought to a sudden, devastating end by writer's block.

Legal Drama: "I find the defendant..." coin arcs, lands in palm, slapped onto back of other hand, revealed, "...not guilty!" Mistrial.

Horror: The outbreak of vampirism amongst the walruses went completely unnoticed by everybody.

Time Travel: dox but couldn't, because the past had already happened, so he tried to make a para

Trailer: The nihilists wear the symbol of the naught. If the priests don't stop them, it's Game Over. NAUGHTS AND CROSSES- THE MOVIE. 2012

RomCom: He caught her speeding, but blew it again. As she drove off she wished he'd just ask her out. This was costing a fortune in tickets.

Autobiographical: Hypocrisy is an absolutely terrible thing unless I'm doing it.

Social Drama: He listened to new music and hung out with new people. He told his old friends that they just didn’t get bald culture.

Spiritual: “Only by shutting down all thought can you achieve happiness,” said Michael Bay.


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